The Owner

Zvirblis, Gary

Gary “Zee” Zvirblis is the President/Owner of Contraband Control Specialists, Inc., founded in 1996, a private investigation firm specializing in drug and alcohol testing and employee substance abuse misconduct in the workplace.  Gary also owns ZEE Consulting & Associates, founded in 1983, a professional company which is recognized as a leading authority on the topic of “Drugs in the Workplace” in the United States today.

Gary has over 26 years of Drug Enforcement and Demand Reduction experience. He is a former member of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s training team for law enforcement training for impaired driver detection and investigation.

Gary is an accepted expert in state and federal courts on the topic of controlled substances and is classified as a “Drug Recognition & Influence Expert.” Along with an extensive background in drug enforcement and education, he has published over 41 handbooks and papers on the topic of drugs in the workplace and  lectured on the topic of drug abuse in forty states across the country.